7 Health Complete FAQ

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What is 7 Health Complete?

7 Health Complete is a healthcare program that provides about double the healthcare coverage for about half the price of regular insurance. There are a few exceptions, see below. Compared to any insurance plan on the market, it’s a no brainer!

How does 7 Health Complete provide so much coverage for the price?

First, we eliminate the insurance company middle-man. This eliminates about 50% of unnecessary costs to administrative overhead.

Secondly, we offer the awesomeness of our unique 7 Health program by providing you your own personal physician who provides up to 90% of all your healthcare needs, including 24/7 availability, in-home medical visits, priority same-day scheduling with $7 labs, imaging discounts up to 90% off, in office procedures, and medical office visits. Your personal physician works on your behalf to prevent serious illness from occurring requiring hospitalization or surgery.

Finally, we combine the power of a national health-sharing organization which provides coverage for the rare emergencies, such as hospitalization, surgery, specialist care, and other major health coverage, up to $1 million. Additionally, the full 7 Health Complete package is exempt from ACA tax penalties!

We challenge anyone, anywhere to beat the entire 7 Health Complete package for benefits and cost!

What does 7 Health Complete cover outside of the regular 7 Health plan?

1. Inpatient or outpatient hospital treatment or surgery for a medically diagnosed condition.
2. Specialist services for diagnosis, treatment, and management of illness or injury.
3. Emergency room services for life or limb threatening conditions or admission to hospital.
4. Prescription drugs 45 days before and after each medical related incident.
5. Chiropractic treatment up to 12 visits per membership year.
6. Physical therapy up to 20 visits per membership year.
7. Home health care up to 30 days by a home health care agency.
8. Ambulance air or land to nearest facility to avoid seriously jeopardizing health or life.
9. Prosthetics.
10. Medical costs outside the U.S.

What does 7 Health Complete not cover?

1. Abortion.
2. Conditions caused by alcohol or drug abuse outside of 7 Health doctor’s office.
3. Breast implants.
4. Charges before or after membership.
5. Complications of non-eligible treatments outside of 7 Health doctor’s office.
6. Custodial care that does not treat an illness or injury.
7. Dental care outside of discounts negotiated by 7 Health doctor’s office.
8. Durable Medical equipment.
9. Emergency room charges when not an emergency.
10. Exercise programs.
11. Experimental, investigational, unproven or unapproved services.
12. Eye care outside of discounts negotiated by 7 Health doctor’s office.
13. Gross negligent acts outside of 7 Health doctor’s office.
14. Hair loss treatments outside of 7 Health doctor’s office.
15. Hearing aids and exams.
16. Hazardous hobbies outside of 7 Health doctor’s office.
17. Hospital employees.
18. Illegal acts.
19. Impotence outside of 7 Health doctor’s office.
20. Infertility.
21. Mental health services outside of 7 Health doctor’s office.
22. Non-emergency transportation.
23. Non-medically necessary service outside of 7 Health doctor’s office.
24. Outpatient medical supplies.
25. Personal comfort items.
26. Professional racing or competitive events outside of 7 Health doctor’s office.
27. Self-inflicted harm outside of 7 Health doctor’s office.
28. Sex change.
29. Sports related safety/performance devices and programs outside of 7 Health doctor office.
30. Surgical sterilization or reversal.

Is there a waiting period for conditions to be covered?

Any conditions that can be treated in the 7 Health doctor office is available immediately. There is a variable wait period for conditions not managed in the office.

Can I bring 7 Health or 7 Health Complete to my employer to see if they can save money on providing healthcare for employees?

Absolutely. We love businesses and would love to sit down with your owner or human resource manager to discuss further.

How do I enroll in 7 Health Complete?

You must enroll first in 7 Health before enrolling in 7 Health Complete program. Click on Join Now tab to get started!

Do I have to wait for an enrollment period to join?

No. Join anytime and get the best healthcare for the very lowest price around!