What is 7Health?

A revolutionary solution to no insurance.


7Health is a subscription based, Direct Primary Care plan where your monthly fee gets you direct access to our office in Frisco, TX and saves you thousands of dollars a year in healthcare.

By cutting out the insurance middle-man, our healthcare providers are available to treat patients more quickly at a fraction of the price. Our membership fees start at $67 for a single person and $167 for families. Office visits are $7.


At 7Health, there are no stipulations and no pre-existing conditions. We devote our energy to connect patients directly to our healthcare staff.

You can get the care you need, when you need it. We can perform hundreds of procedures in-office for only $7 per service, and our members get deep discounts on everything else.


We can treat most urgent care matters in the office–even after hours–which saves our patients thousands of dollars in emergency room fees. For lingering illness and injury, we work with a outpatient imaging centers and lab facilities to negotiate the lowest costs for our patients. We also partner with health share organizations to offer 7Health Complete: a full plan that covers emergency care, major surgeries and life-threatening illness.


from real, happy 7Health patients


“Through this program I have the independence of having healthcare, but I don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars a month for that option. I have your business card in my wallet and the security of knowing that if I’m ill, someone will take responsibility for me.”


“I couldn’t afford the outrageous health insurance premiums because of my medical history…This program has not only made good healthcare affordable, I haven’t felt this good in many years. Thanks for making it possible!”


“We were able to diagnoses and treat my son’s allergies for much less than what we would have through insurance. Thanks so much.”

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