7Health Complete

If you’re concerned about emergency care while traveling, or catastrophic coverage, we offer the 7Health Complete plan. This means that whatever we can’t take care of in-office, we partner with health share programs Zion Health and Sedera.

For an additional monthly fee, you can have peace of mind that if you have a car wreck, get ill overseas or contract a lasting illness, your medical bills can still be paid.

How does a health share work?

Health share organizations are not insurance. However, they act like a medical co-op where members pool their money and agree to help pay for your medical needs. You pay a monthly membership (separate from your 7Health membership fee) and can begin sharing in medical costs above your Initial Unshared Amount. For more info on IUAs, click here.

Once you’re part of the health share organization you’ll receive a membership card. You will use this just like an insurance card to give directly to your provider in case of hospitalization or emergency. The health provider will work directly with Zion Health and Sedera to settle costs above your IUA responsibility.

Unlike other health shares, neither of these organizations require religious affiliations or statements of faith.

If you are under age 65 and don’t have major pre-existing conditions (note: well-managed diabetes or high blood pressure don’t count as a pre-existing condition), this can be a good solution for you and your family!

What does 7Health Complete cost?

Combining 7Health with a health share organization is an enormous savings compared to traditional insurance.

7Health Complete**Traditional Insurance+
Single Child (under 18)N/A$165-$400
per month
Single Adult (18-29)$75-$187
per month
per month
Single Adult (30-49)$100-$218
per month
per month
Single Adult (50-64)$125-$400
per month
per month
Member + spouse
(under 50)
per month
per month
Member + spouse
(over 50)
per month
per month
Member + family
(couple under 50)
per month
per month
Member + family
(couple over 50)
per month
per month
Insurance prices calculated from ehealthinsurance.com, updated 2/2021
**Price varies by member age/level of IUA, which ranges from $500 to $5000 per event.
+Lowest price reflects deductibles of up to $8,000 annually.

You’d pay a monthly membership in addition to your 7Health fee. Our 7Health patients receive discounted rates with Sedera and Zion Health for being Direct Primary Care (DPC) patients. Click the links below to see the cost for you or your household:

Zion Health Direct Primary Care Rates

Do I need to pay a deductible for a health share?

Health share organizations are not insurance. However, they have something called an Initial Unshared Amount (IUA), which is the dollar amount you are responsible to pay before your health sharing kicks in. Sedera offers a $500 IUA and goes up to $5,000. Zion Health’s IUAs range from $1,000 to $5,000.

The way that the IUA works is this: you are required to meet that IUA before the organizations begin to share in the costs of your medical need. You are required to meet that IUA three times in 12 months. If you have a fourth medical need in 12 months, you will not be required to meet that IUA.

What are the restrictions on using a health share?

What we’ve observed working with both organizations is that Zion Health has slightly lower monthly rates. However, if you need a lower IUA, Sedera has a $500 IUA.

One major question we get is about cancer. If you’re in remission from cancer and are still going in for yearly oncology screenings, Zion Health will not share in health costs related to that need. You need to have been without symptoms or visits related to a health need for 24 months previous to signing up with Zion Health in order to have them share in the health cost.

If you are in remission from cancer, Sedera may be a better fit for you! If you have had cancer more than 36 months prior to enrollment, and they go to regular screenings to make sure that it has not come back, then that is not considered pre-existing. 

However, if you had cancer more than 36 months prior to enrollment, and you take medication to control a known health complication, then it would be considered pre-existing.

For any other questions, you can review the full member guidelines for our health shares by clicking the links below:

Click here for member guidelines for Zion Health

Click here for member guidelines for Sedera

Does 7Health Complete cover specialist visits?

It’s always best to consult with the Member Guidelines first to check on coverage questions. That being said, Zion Health offers their Connected plan, which includes limited specialist visit coverage, immunizations, preventative mammograms and colonoscopies after you’ve been a member with them at least 6 months.

Sedera will share the cost of specialist visits if they go above the cost of your IUA.

What if I get cancer?

We get a lot of questions about cancer coverage! Click here for more info and a link to the member guidelines (which includes any restrictions on sharing costs).

How do I enroll for 7Health Complete?

You can call us, message us through Facebook, or email us and we will email you a link to enroll directly with your chosen health share to receive your discounted monthly rate.

Questions? Drop us a line.

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