Some $7 Services

Type of service*Typical costOur cost
Office visit$125$7
After-hours urgent care$300$7
Flu shot$45$7
Strep test$40$7
School/sports physical$50$7
Yearly physical for adults$200$7
Cholesterol lab test$125$7
Diabetes screen test$125$7
Thyroid test$125$7
Metabolic blood test$200$7
Prostate screen test$125$7
Joint injection$450$7
Well woman exam$200$7
Well man exam$200$7
IUD insertion/removal fee
(Cost of IUD not included)
Asthma test$250$7
Allergy testing$600$7
Allergy shot (kenalog)$150$7
Spinal adjustment$75$7
Medical weight loss visit$125$7
Skin biopsy procedure$500$7
Vitamin B12 shot$100$7
Polio vaccine$50$7
*availability of some services may vary by clinic

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