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Healthcare Frisco TXDr. Scott Hastings started 7 Health to provide high quality, affordable healthcare in Frisco, TX for individuals, families, and businesses. 7 Health is not a medical insurance company, but instead it rewards doctors for keeping patients healthy.

Rationale behind 7 Health

The brain behind 7 Health is Dr. Hastings, who realized that traditional medical-insurance-driven healthcare rewarded doctors based on patient visits. This leads to a disconnect between doctors and patients who had to wait a long time for appointments and then had a rushed consultation and needed to wait for insurance companies to process payments. Moreover, insurance companies do not cover preexisting diseases and conditions.

Treatment for 85% of Illnesses

The healthcare in Frisco, TX provided by 7 Health is different. It charges a monthly subscription and then charges a minimal amount for each visit or procedure. The clinic is able to cover around 85% of healthcare needs by this method. Moreover, each patient has a designated primary healthcare provider who is available 24/7 on the phone. Urgent but non life-threatening conditions are scheduled for next day appointments while emergency care after hours is also provided.

Employer Benefits

This healthcare in Frisco, TX, is a fantastic way for employers to save money, retain employees and attract better talent since it is less expensive than traditional medical insurance. To save on costs, you can use a combination of the 7 Health plan and a high deductible health insurance plan for major illnesses and accidents.

Specialist Reference

7 Health offers mainly primary care treatment, administers flu shots, conducts annual checkups for women, offers diet and wellness counseling, but it does not offer specialist checkups. Instead, a dedicated counselor will obtain an appointment for you with your needed specialist and negotiate a lower rate for you.

Lower Medication Costs

7 Health also helps lower medical costs as doctors prescribe generic low cost medicines as often as possible; the clinic negotiates with the producer to obtain discounts and ensures lower medical bills for those who have to take medication on a regular basis for blood pressure, diabetes, and similar conditions.

Lower Cost of Lab Tests

With Dr Hastings’ healthcare service, members are also assured of lower lab test costs. This is because even when the tests have to be outsourced, 7 Health works with labs to ensure that patients are given a discount.

Who can Benefit from our Healthcare in Frisco, TX?

Membership with 7 Health can benefit almost all patient categories. Singles, families, self-employed, retirees, businesses, those with chronic diseases, and others. Membership is the first step toward a long term wellness plan, as studies have shown that easier access to a primary care physician can help reduce long term medical costs by improving the overall health of patients. Call (214) 501-5818 to schedule an appointment.

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